Aluminum Weighing Dishes

Disposable round aluminum dishes have multiple uses including serving as weighing dishes, evaporating dishes, and many more. They are produced clean with no oil residue and no vinyl coating to create contamination problems for the user. Four types are available, including three with tabs and fluted sides for rigidity, and one with a smooth wall without a tab.

Ordering Information
Item Number Image Description Unit Quantity Unit Price
Aluminum Dish, 43mm, 1.0g (20mL), Crimped Side with Tab Case of 1000
Aluminum Dish, 57mm, 1.3g (60mL), Crimped Side with Tab Case of 1000
Aluminum Dish, 70mm, 2.0g (80mL), Crimped Side with Tab Case of 1000
Aluminum Dish, 70mm, 2.0g (80mL), Smooth Wall without Tab Case of 1000
Aluminum Dish, 28mm, 0.3g (8mL), Crimped Side with Tab Case of 500
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