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Analytical Funnel

These heavy-duty polypropylene (PP) analytical funnels are perfect for use in Analytical Chemistry applications. The funels feature long, narrow stems, which make them ideal for use with liquids. The analytical funnels have internal and external ribbing which helps to prevent air lock. They are angled at exactly 60° for rapid filtration. Available in 9 different sizes, these analytical funnels accommodate standard filter paper sizes and are approved for use with food products.


Funnel Size: Capacity: Top Diameter: Stem Length: Stem Diameter:
27mm 3.5mL 25mm 37mm 4mm
37mm 10mL 35mm 37mm 5mm
46mm 20mL 50mm 43mm 5mm
66mm 50mL 65mm 62mm 10mm
81mm 100mL 80mm 70mm 11mm
100mm 200mL 100mm 82mm 11mm
120mm 350mL 120mm 86mm 11mm
150mm 700mL 150mm 115mm 14mm
183mm 1250mL 180mm 140mm 14mm


Ordering Information
Item No. Description Qty Unit Price
600145 Funnel, Analytical, PP, 25mm Bag of 5
Box of 20
600146 Funnel, Analytical, PP, 35mm Bag of 5
Box of 20
600147 Funnel, Analytical, PP, 50mm Bag of 5
Box of 20
600148 Funnel, Analytical, PP, 65mm Bag of 5
Box of 20
600150 Funnel, Analytical, PP, 80mm Bag of 2
Box of 20
600152 Funnel, Analytical, PP, 100mm Bag of 2
Box of 10
600153 Funnel, Analytical, PP, 120mm Bag of 2
Box of 10
600155 Funnel, Analytical, PP, 150mm Each
Box of 5
600156 Funnel, Analytical, PP, 180mm Each
Box of 5
Total Price :
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