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Autoclave Tape

Adhesive tape to indicate sterilizationThis adhesive tape is used to seal autoclave bags and pouches and changes color when the contents have passed through a sterilization cycle. Each roll is 165 feet (50m) long. 

  • Item # 601051 is used when using autoclave sterilization (20 ft. at +121°C, 10 ft. at +125°C and 5 ft. at +135°C).
  • The color of the tape changes to brown when done with the sterilization process.
  • Lead free if correctly stocked
  • Shelf Life of 3 years from date of production (Item # 601052)
  • Shelf life of 2 years from date of production (Item # 601051)
  • Both tapes conform to ISO 11140/2005 

Ordering Information
Item No. Description Qty Unit Price
601052 Indicator Tape, Autoclave Steam Sterilization Each  
601051 Indicator Tape, Dry Heat Sterilization Each  
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