Bellows Transfer Pipets

The accordian-shaped, high capacity bulb of the Bellows pipet acts as a reservoir for filling and expelling liquids. The bulb provides strong suction for use with viscous liquids.

Item # 138002 138005
Capacity 7mL 15mL
Drops/mL 18 25
Bulb Draw 4.8mL 5.8mL
Total Length 140mm (5.5") 192mm (7.6")
Stem Diameter 8mm (0.31") 10mm (0.39")
Tip Diameter 4.2mm (0.17") 3.7mm (0.15")
Graduated To 1.5mL 5mL
Graduation Increments 0.5mL 1mL
Ordering Information
Item Number Image Description Unit Quantity Unit Price
Transfer Pipet, 7.0mL, Bellows, Bulb Draw - 4.8mL
Transfer Pipet, 15.0mL, Bellows, Graduated to 5mL, Bulb Draw - 5.8mL
Total Cost: $0
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