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Diamond™ Jr. Mini Pipettors

The Diamond Jr. pipettors from Globe Scientific are pocket-sized versions of our high-precision Diamond pipettors. Designed for use in diagnostic kits, water testing, science classrooms and all laboratories, this pipettor is an economical and accurate method for pipetting fixed volumes.

Ordering Information
Item No. Description Qty Unit Price
3322-5 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 5uL, Red, Autoclavable Each  
3322-10 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 10uL, Pink, Autoclavable Each  
3322-20 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 20uL, Green, Autoclavable Each  
3322-25 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 25uL, Green, Autoclavable Each  
3322-35 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 35uL, Autoclavable Each  
3322-50 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 50uL, Purple, Autoclavable Each  
3322-100 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 100uL, Orange, Autoclavable Each  
3322P Pipette, Diamond Jr., Pack of 6 Pipettes (5uL, 10uL, 20uL, 25uL, 50uL and 100uL), Autoclavable Each  
Total Price :
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