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Graduated Cylinder, PMP, Molded Graduations

These superior quality graduated cylinders are ideal for the safe and accurate measurement of all types of liquids. Our cylinders offer a wide rim and a tapered pour spout for easy filling and pouring. The non-wetting interior surface eliminates concave menisci, providing more accurate measurements. The wide pentagonal shaped base provides stability and makes the cylinder roll-resistant. The heavy-duty plastic withstands repeated autoclaving. Switching from glass cylinders to Globe’s plastic equivalents will greatly reduce breakage and the potential for injury. 


  • Wide opening and tapered pour spout.
  • Shatter-resistent
  • Can withstand temperatures of up to 170°C.
  • Also known as TPX®, a registered trademark of Mitsui Chemicals.
  • Conforms to ISO 6706-1981 (E) and BS 5404 Part 2 (International standards for plastic cylinders).
  • Class B Tolerance. (Class B indicates the tolerance of the graduation marks in accordance with ISO 6706 & BS 5404)
  • Crystal clear polymethylpentene (PMP).
  • Molded graduations.
  • Graduated in milliliters (mL).
  • Chemically resistant to most acids, bases and many common solvents.
  • Autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes.


Cylinder Size: Height Outer Diameter Graduation Range Graduation Intervals Tolerance
10mL 140mm 13.5mm 1 - 10mL 0.2mL +/- 0.2mL
25mL 195mm 18.5mm 5 - 25mL 0.5mL +/- 0.5mL
50mL 199mm 26mm 10 - 50mL 1mL +/- 1mL
100mL 249mm 31mm 10 - 100mL 1mL +/- 1mL
250mL 315mm 41.5mm 20 - 250mL 2mL +/- 2mL
500mL 361mm 55mm 50 - 500mL 5mL +/- 5mL
1000mL 439mm 66mm 100 - 1000mL 10mL +/- 10mL
2000mL 531mm 84mm 200 - 2000mL 20mL +/- 20mL


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