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Mini Centrifuge

Globe’s mini centrifuge is perfect for quick spin-downs of small samples. It comes standard with a six-place angle rotor for 1.5mL to 2mL microcentrifuge tubes, six tube adapters for 0.5mL tubes and a separate rotor for sixteen 0.2mL PCR tubes or 2 PCR strips. Each rotor can be easily interchanged by the user in a matter of seconds. The crystal clear lid allows the operator to safely observe samples. A special safety shutoff system cuts the motor as soon as the lid is opened. The centrifuge is small but mighty. It quickly accelerates to a maximum speed of 6,600 rpm (2,200 rcf) and stops within seconds. The motor provides a super quiet, vibration-free operation.


Speed 6600 RPM MAX
RCF Round Rotor = 2000 x g
Strip Rotor = 2200 x g
Rotors Round Rotor: 6-Place for 1.5mL, 2.0mL and small filter tubes
Strip Rotor: 16-Place for 16 x 0.2mL tubes or 2 x 0.2mL 8-tube PCR strips
Adapters Six adapters for 0.4mL and 0.5mL Tubes
Dimensions (WxDxH) 5" x 5.4" x 3.9" (12.6 cm x 13.8cm x 10cm)
Weight 0.9kg
Electrical 110V AC, 50Hz, 0.1A
230V AC, 60Hz, 0.1A
Environment Incubators to 50°C and Cold Rooms to 4°C
Warranty 1 Year


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