Multi-Purpose Sample Cups

Globe Scientific's multi-purpose sample cups are available in a variety of sizes and designed for use on the most popular instruments in the industry. The sample cups are made to exact specifications and provide excellent optical properties. 


Polystyrene (PS)

Item # Capacity Dimensions
110711 0.25mL 14mm x 16mm
110021 0.5mL 13.55mm x 24.50mm
110610 1.5mL 13.8mm x 22.60mm
110621 2mL 16mm x 24mm
110911 3mL 17 mm x 38mm
110811 4mL 17.26mm x 37.90mm


Ordering Information
Item NumberImageDescription UnitQuantity Unit Price
Sample Cup, 4mL, PS, 1000/Bag Bag of 1000
Sample Cup, 3mL, PS, 1000/Bag Bag of 1000
Sample Cup, 2.0mL, PS, 1000/Bag Bag of 1000
Sample Cup, 1.5mL, PS, 1000/Bag Bag of 1000
Sample Cup, 0.5mL, PS, 1000/Bag Bag of 1000
Sample Cup, 0.25mL, PS, 1000/Bag Bag of 1000
Total Cost: $0
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