Plastic Hexagonal Weighing Dishes

Hexagonal Plastic Anti-Static Weighing Dishes are available in 4 different sizes to suit your specific needs. They are produced from a special grade of polystyrene and will resist diluted acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases. The molded hexagonal design provides greater balance protection and safety. They are safe, contaminent-free, biologically inert, economical containers which are excellent for handling solids or liquids during weighing. They have a smooth surface and can be easily bent into pouring spouts, which provides accurate pour-outs and transfer with minimal sample loss. Non-reactive with most substances and suitable for weighing static affected samples. The dishes are stackable for easy storage. Will withstand temperatures up to 80°C.

Item # Dimensions
3615 Top = 38mm, Bottom = 25mm
3616 Top = 64mm, Bottom = 51mm
3617 Top = 102mm, Bottom = 76mm
3618 Top = 127mm, Bottom = 89mm


Ordering Information
Item Number Image Description Unit Quantity Unit Price
Weighing Dish, Plastic, Hexagonal, Antistatic, 20mL, PS Case of 500
Weighing Dish, Plastic, Hexagonal, Antistatic, 50mL, PS Case of 500
Weighing Dish, Plastic, Hexagonal, Antistatic, 200mL, PS Case of 500
Weighing Dish, Plastic, Hexagonal, Antistatic, 350mL, PS Case of 500
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