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Polypropylene Measuring Scoops

  • Produced from food safe polypropylene (PP)
  • The top of each scoop is flat for leveling off powders
  • The base of each scoop is also flat, enabling scoops to stand horizontally
  • The capacity of each scoop is clearly molded on each size 
Item # Capacity
SWL002 2 60
SWL006 5 82
SWL008 10 102
SWL012 25 137
SWL018 50 160
SWL024 100 198
SWL030 250 259
SWL036 500 315
SWL140 1000 385


Ordering Information
Item No. Description Qty Unit Price
SWL002 Measuring Scoops, PP, 2mL Capacity, 60mm Length Box of 5  
SWL006 Measuring Scoops, PP, 5mL Capacity, 82mm Length Box of 5  
SWL008 Measuring Scoops, PP, 10mL Capacity, 102mm Length Box of 5  
SWL012 Measuring Scoops, PP, 25mL Capacity, 137mm Length Box of 5  
SWL018 Measuring Scoops, PP, 50mL Capacity, 160mm Length Box of 5  
SWL024 Measuring Scoops, PP, 100mL Capacity, 198mm Length Box of 5  
SWL030 Measuring Scoops, PP, 250mL Capacity, 259mm Length Box of 5  
SWL036 Measuring Scoops, PP, 500mL Capacity, 315mm Length Box of 5  
SWL140 Measuring Scoops, PP, 1000mL Capacity, 385mm Length Each  
Total Price :
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