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Quick-Prep™ Urinalysis Kit

Quick-Prep™ is a tube and pipette system that isolates 1mL of urine sediment for microscopic examination.

The kit includes our specially designed transfer pipette and 12mL urine centrifuge tube. This system is used to isolate 1mL of urine sediment stain and allow easy pour off of the balance.

Quick-Prep has been designed for use with our Quick-Read (10-place) urinalysis slide.

Instructions for use:

1. Add 10mL of urine to our 12mL Quick-Prep tube.
2. Centrifuge for 5 minutes at 1500 rpm.
3. Insert a Quick-Prep pipette into the tube sealing off 1mL of sediment on the bottom of the tube.
4. Hold the bulb of the pipette against the wall of the tube and decant 9mL of the supernate, leaving 1mL of sediment at the bottom of the tube.
5. Squeeze and release the bulb of the Quick-Prep pipette to draw up the sediment.
6. Place a drop of the well mixed sediment into the scalloped area of a numbered chamber on the Quick-Read Precision Cell slide.

Ordering Information
Item No. Description Qty Unit Price
112010 Centrifuge Tube, 16 x 100mm (12mL), PS, Conical Bottom Bag of 500
Case of 2000
3825 Quick-Prep Urinalysis System, for 1000 Tests (Pipette and Tube) Case of 1000  
3828 Quick-Prep Urinalysis System II, for 1000 Tests (Tube, Pipette & Quick-Read Slide with Circles) Case of 1000  
3829 Quick-Prep Urinalysis System III, for 1000 Tests (Tube, Pipette, Quick-Read Slide with Circles & Stopper) Case of 1000  
3827 Quick-Prep Urinalysis Complete System, for 1000 Tests (Tube, Pipette, Quick-Read Slide with Circles, Stopper & Stain) Case of 1000  
3826 Quick-Prep Urinalysis Pipette, 500/Bag, 6 Bags/Unit Bag of 500
Case of 3000
Total Price :
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