Rectangular HDPE Carboys

These four tanks feature a standardized industrial packaging design. Not only can they be used in industrial packaging, but they also are useful in everyday laboratory practices. They feature comfortable handles and secure seal caps. 

Material - High Density Polyethylene

The 5, 10 & 20L sizes conform to the UN regulation on transportation of dangerous liquiuds.

Item # Capacity Dimensions DIN
601780 2L 175 x 155 x 115mm GL45
601781 5L 250 x 195 x 150mm GL51
601782 10L 320 x 225 x 195mm GL51
601783 20L 370 x 295 x 245mm GL51
Ordering Information
Item Number Image Description Unit Quantity Unit Price
Carboys, 2 Liter (1/2 Gallon), HDPE
Carboys, 5 Liter (1.3 Gallon), HDPE
Carboys, 10 Liter (2.5 Gallon), HDPE
Carboys, 20 Liter (5 Gallon), HDPE
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