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Slide Staining Jars

Both the Schifferdecker box (513210) and the Hellendhal box (513209) are produced from polymethylpentene (PMP, TPX) suitable for staining 25x75mm microscope slides.

Both boxes are suitable for use in a microwave.

Ordering Information
Item No. Description Qty Unit Price
513200 Coplin Stainging Jar, 5-10 place, White Each
Case of 12
513209 Slide Staining Jar with Lid, PMP, for 8 slides (16 back-to-back), Hellendhal Type Box of 4  
513210 Slide Staining Jar with Lid, PMP, for 10 slides (20 back-to-back), Schifferdecker Type Box of 4  
Total Price :
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