Company Profile

Company Profile

Welcome to our website!

Globe Scientific is a family owned and operated worldwide supplier of laboratory plasticware, glassware and bench-top equipment. We are well known for our high quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service and support staff. We are woman owned and are ISO 9001 certified.

The Globe Scientific story began 36 years ago, when my parents (Milton and Beverly Diamond) founded the company. At the time, my father's specialty was in the Clinical Chemistry and Blood Analyzer markets and Globe Scientific became one of the first companies to supply alternate cuvettes and sample cups for blood and chemistry analyzers (a specialty that required the best molds, the best products and the best prices). My parents poured their love, passion, sweat and tears into Globe Scientific and their mission was to always provide 1st class customer service, outstanding products, honesty, integrity and a place to work where you are treated like family. These are the ingredients that made the growth of Globe Scientific possible. 

In tradition with family businesses, my sister (Lisa Diamond Berger) and I both worked in various roles at Globe Scientific since we were little kids. I joined the company full time after graduating Business school and my sister Lisa joined a few years later with experience as a CPA in the accounting field. After working for Globe Scientific for over 20 years, my father promoted me to his position of President & CEO.

Today, thanks to our incredible dealer partners, our dedicated and talented staff and a lot of hard work, our company has grown significantly to include over 4,500 items that are designed for use in many industries including the Clinical, Hospital, Research, Pharma, Industrial, Veterinary, Kit Manufacturing, Education and Specialty Markets.

Our innovative ideas and outstanding technical capabilities help to create products that are one step ahead of the industry’s needs. Stringent quality control protocols are followed at every step of production ranging from qualitative analysis of raw materials to clinical testing of final products. Through the use of large cavity molds and automation, we have been able to maintain the cost effectiveness of our products which permits us to compete in all markets. We are also very flexible! Many of our products can be private labeled, specially packaged and customized to suit your needs. Please inquire about our special services.

If you ever find yourself in the New Jersey/New York City area we welcome you to visit us at our headquarters in Mahwah New Jersey! We will be happy to take you on a tour of our 150,000 Sq. ft. semi-automated state-of-the-art distribution center.

Thank you once again for visiting our website. We love being your laboratory supply partner and promise to always provide you with 1st class customer service, outstanding products, honesty, integrity and outstanding pricing.

Best Regards,

Dara Diamond
President & Chief Executive Officer

Note: All instruments and names of manufacturers mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective companies and are used for reference purposes only. Globe Scientific Inc. expressly disclaims any affiliation to them.