38 Years


Dear Visitor,


1983 seems so long ago. Yet, I clearly remember that special day in June when I officially opened the door to our business. The office was in the finished basement of my home in New Jersey where I set up a 2-line phone on an old kitchen table. I used an existing file cabinet for records and purchased a used copying machine that used liquid toner (which even at that time was already obsolete). The basement served the additional function of specialized packaging while borrowed space from two friends located miles apart were used for production and warehousing.


I began my adventure but only after obtaining the approval of my wife Beverly and my two very young daughters Lisa and Dara, all of whom became vital participants in the future success of the company. (And, yes, it was an adventure to start a new company from scratch only with savings and without seed money or employees other than family members.)


My real goal in starting the company was to produce and sell cuvettes and other disposables for automated analyzers for which there was limited supply other than from OEM producers. But I realized that, to get the company off the starting gate, I needed to offer a high quality “me-too” product line which I was fortunate to obtain from foreign sources. Because of my association throughout the years with dealers of laboratory products, I was able to get many of them to order from me. They liked the products, they reordered – and we were then on our way to further develop our line.


I mentioned above that specialized packaging was done in the basement of my home and that family members participated. Just picture an assembly line consisting of me, my wife Beverly, Lisa and Dara each handling a different operation – and getting the job done followed by housework, school work and miscellaneous chores sometimes well into the evening. Yes, it was truly an adventure.


But I am happy to report that the adventure worked out well. Today, we are located in a 150,000 SF modern facility in Mahwah, New Jersey with a staff of professionals known throughout the industry. Our product line now consists of thousands of items and our distributor base includes all major and regional dealers in the U.S. and abroad. My daughter Dara Diamond is President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, my daughter Lisa Diamond Berger, CPA, is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and my wife Beverly and I are the proud grandparents of 2 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. That is the best adventure of all.


Thank you for hearing our story. Stay tuned for updates on www.globescientific.com.


Milton Diamond

Founder, President Emeritus

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