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Press Releases

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A message from our CEO Regarding COVID-19

3/18/2020 I Mahwah, NJ

Dear Customers and Friends,

Across the nation and around the world, these are unprecedented and uncertain times. While the situation surrounding COVID-19 is fluid and evolving, what remains constant is our steadfast commitment to the health and safety of our team, our customers, our community and beyond.

Globe Scientific stands strong and ready to do our part. As a worldwide provider of laboratory supplies, our New Jersey distribution center is open for business and committed to supplying our distribution partners with products that are critical to the healthcare industry, now more than ever.

We have been taking the necessary steps to maintain adequate inventory levels, and to ensure that our products are packaged and handled with the utmost of safety and care:

  • Throughout our organization, we have instituted the CDC’s recommended best practices and protocols, including mandatory “Social Distancing”.
  • Throughout our physical facility, we have increased the frequency of our cleaning and sanitizing routines; this includes but is not limited to more frequent handwashing, additional sanitizing stations, and more frequent disinfecting of equipment and shared surfaces.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been distributed to all personnel; in addition to the standard use of disposable gloves, this additional PPE is required to be worn by all warehouse distribution and material handling staff. 

We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees. In addition to the safety measures above, we have taken additional steps to protect our staff:

  • All work related travel has been suspended.
  • Most of our office personnel have been equipped with resources to work remotely from their homes.
  • Team members who remain on-site are working at stations that are well spaced apart to comply with “social distancing” standards; we have staggered all workday breaks to further minimize contact. As mentioned above, each staff member is equipped with personal protection gear which also includes personal communication devices to limit the need for in person contact.

As the situation continues to evolve, we will provide additional updates. In the meantime, from my family to yours, thank you for putting your trust in Globe Scientific. Please stay safe and healthy, and may we emerge from this challenge with greater strength and resilience as a united global community.

Dara Diamond

President and Chief Executive Officer

Globe Scientific

Globe Scientific Celebrates 36 Years in Business

6/21/2018 I Mahwah, NJ

June 2019 Globe Scientific celebrated its 36th year as the trusted name in laboratory supplies!

Originally founded in 1983 by the Diamond family, Globe Scientific remains a family owned and operated company. We continue to grow thanks to our ongoing commitment to providing premium quality products, total customer satisfaction, outstanding personal service and innovative solutions.

Globe Scientific is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We offer the broadest line of laboratory consumables available from any one source and stock over 4000 items available for immediate shipment. Our products are available through dealers worldwide.

Globe Scientific. The trusted name in lab supplies for 36 years.

Globe Scientific Introduces TransferTop™ Urine Collection Cup

4/20/2018 I Mahwah, NJ

Globe Scientific TransferTop™ Urine Collection and Direct Transfer Cups feature an integrated transfer mechanism for "closed system" transfer of urine samples directly from the cup to a vacuum sample tube. With the TransferTop™ System, there is no need for laboratory personnel to open the collection cup and pour the sample into a tube for processing. Instead, the safety label is peeled back, and the vacuum tube inserted for simple, safe, efficient, and reliable sample transfer.

          • Reduces spills, improves lab hygiene, and limits exposure to dangerous samples
          • Improves efficiencies and sample throughput when compared to traditional open systems

Globe Scientific Introduces 5mL Midi-Centrifuge Tubes

10/23/2017 I Mahwah, NJ

Globe Scientific is pleased to introduce a high-quality line of 5mL polypropylene (PP) midi-centrifuge tubes. These innovative tubes are available in both snap cap and screwcap varieties. They provide an efficient and economical alternative to 15mL conical tubes when working with sample volumes between 2.0 and 5.0mL. The 5mL midi-centrifuge tubes with attached snap cap provide the convenience of 1.5mL microcentruge tubes but hold larger volumes. The pierceable cap allows easy access by needle or syringe.

Both varieties are graduated and suitable for use from -86° to 80°C for low temperature storage and general laboratory use, and are available sterile or non-sterile.

Globe Scientific Introduces Diamond Max™ Centrifuge Tubes

8/28/2017 I Mahwah, NJ

Diamond Max™ Centrifuge Tubes are engineered for high speed centrifugation and meet the demands of the most critical scientific work. Premium grade materials and an automated, touch free manufacturing process provide both performance and savings to users.

          • Manufactured in a class 100,000 clean room, gamma irradiated to SAL 10 -6 , and certified
              to be free from DNase, RNase, Human DNA, Pyrogens, and Endotoxins
          • USP Class VI resin is also FDA CFR 21 compliant for food safety
          • High spin rates with maximum RCF ratings of up to 20,000 x g!
          • Integral seal ring design for secure closures
          • Recyclable paperboard racks

RV-Pette PRO™ Repeat Volume Pipettor and Matching Dispenser Syringe Tips Now Available

7/25/2017 I Mahwah, NJ

Globe Scientific Inc., is pleased to introduce the RV-Pette PRO ™ Repeat Volume Pipettor and matching Dispenser Syringe Tips. Used in combination, the RV-Pette PRO ™ pipettor and tips offer 120 dispensing volume options that meet the demands of nearly all users. Light weight ergonomic design makes the RV-Pette PRO ™ the right choice for efficient and comfortable pipetting during repeat dispensing procedures. The pipettors are manufactured to DIN EN ISO 8655 requirements to ensure accuracy and reliability.

The tips are available in 12 sizes to match all sizes offered by other manufacturers so end users will not need to change protocols or practice.

Globe Scientific

Globe Scientific Achieves ISO 9001 Certification

4/17/2017 I Mahwah, NJ

Globe Scientific Inc., an industry leading provider of laboratory consumables, is pleased to announce today that it has earned ISO 9001 certification. The comprehensive system audits covered every aspect of operations.

"Any company that has been through the certification process knows that achieving ISO 9001 certification is demanding," said Dara Diamond, President and CEO Officer of Globe Scientific. "Each individual in our operation must be wholly dedicated to the pursuit of quality. By scrutinizing our enterprise at every level, we assure that our customers are receiving superior customer service and the highest quality products."

ISO 9001 is a quality management system standard that was developed by the International Organization for Standardization, which is an association of governmental and nongovernmental organizations from many countries. The ISO 9001 standard is utilized to certify quality management systems that focus on continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and the active involvement of both management and employees in a process based approach.

“Fulfilling the strict requirements of the ISO 9001 standard highlights our focus and commitment to deliver total customer satisfaction,” Dara said.

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