For 38 years, Globe Scientific Inc. has been a leading producer of high-quality laboratory plasticware, glassware and bench-top equipment. We currently stock over 4000 items available for immediate shipment.


New Products

  1. Offer efficient and reliable filtration options
  2. Meet the demands of the most critical work
  3. Offered with either straight or curved tips
  4. Make dispensing of reagents easier than ever
  5. For any application from routine to high throughput automation demands
  6. Available in single, 8-Channel & 12-Channel
  7. Offer precise fluid measurements required in many laboratory operations
  8. Meet the demands for mixing, pouring, stirring, and measuring solutions in many laboratory operations
  9. Designed for on-site collection & testing
  10. Offer sizes, configurations, and features required to meet most 24-hour collection needs
  11. Meets virtually all sample preparation & aliquoting needs

Products Categories

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