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New Products

  1. Suitable for both adults and pediatrics
  2. The economical option for less demanding applications
  3. Provide stable height adjustments for many lab items
  4. Choose from various mixing motions
  5. Remove caps from primary blood and urine tubes with ease!
  6. Meets virtually all sample preparation & aliquoting needs
  7. Keep temperature sensitive items cool on the bench
  8. Provide excellent insulating properties
  9. Designed exclusively for Diamond® Midi™ 5mL Centrifuge Tubes
  10. Meet the large volume liquid storage and dispensing needs of the most demanding lab applications
  11. Efficient and economical alternative to 15mL conical tubes when working with volumes between 2.0 & 5.0mL
  12. For basic, space-saving mixing and stirring in the lab
  13. Small yet stable with numerous optional accessories for mixing virtually any tube at any time.
  14. Ensure your samples remain mixed or suspended
  15. Offered in analog, digital rotisserie or ferris wheel formats
  16. Clinical, Hematocrit, Mini, Microcentrifuges & Accessories

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