Drug Testing Containers with Temperature Strip

Our popular 4 oz urine collection container features a quarter turning screw cap which is designed to assist in the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. The lid opens and closes with one smooth movement, which minimizes the usage of the operator's hand and lower arm area, and reduces the stress placed on the wrist. The containers are graduated to 100mL and feature a frosted writing area.

  • Container Material: Polypropyelene (PP)
  • Cap Material: Polyethylene (PE)
  • Container Dimensions: 56.8 x 72.5mm 
  • Cap Dimensions: 61mm
Ordering Information
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Drug Test Container, 90mL, Wide Mouth, Attached White Screwcap, STERILE, Tab-Seal Patient ID Label & Celsius Thermometer Strip, PP Case of 300
Drug Test Container, 90mL, with Attached White Screwcap, STERILE, Tab-Seal Patient ID Label & Thermometer Strip, PP Case of 400
Specimen Container, 4oz, with Attached Thermometer Strip, Separate 1/4-Turn Red Screwcap, Non-Sterile, PP, Graduated, Bulk Case of 500
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