ESR System Accessories

The unique rack (# 3452) features support clamps that hold pipets in a perfectly verticle position. When used in conjunction with the acrylic leveling platform (# 3459), users are assured of the most accurate results.

The durable acrylic leveling platform has a leveling bubble and four adjustable feet. It is used in conjunction with the ESR Rack with Support Clamps to ensure a completely leveling testing surface. 

Accessories include:

  • 10-Place ESR Rack with Pipette Support Clamps
  • Acrylic Leveling Platform
  • 10-Place Polystyrene Rack
  • Piercing Funnels
  • ESR Transfer Pipettes
Ordering Information
Item NumberImageDescription UnitQuantity Unit Price
ESR: Rack with Pipette Clamps for use with Sedi-Rate Systems Each
ESR: Acrylic Leveling Support Each
ESR: Rack, Polystyrene, 10-place Each
ESR: Piercing Funnel for Sedi-Rate System Bag of 200
ESR: Transfer Pipette Box of 500
Total Cost: $0
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