Fan Pads

FanPads are super absorbent pads that are specially treated with Formalex liquid control agent to eliminate the hazardous vapors of formaldehyde, 10% formalin and glutaraldehyde solutions.

  • Available in three convenient sizes: mini, small and large.
  • Excellent for lining trays or containers when transporting tissue within or between institutions.
  • Fan Pads make tissue handling safer and easier by absorbing fluids and formalin vapors during gross dissection.
  • Fan Pads can be used as a work surface for the placement of tissue cassettes after their removal from formalin or the tissue processor.
Ordering Information
Item NumberImageDescription UnitQuantity Unit Price
Formaldehyde Control, Fan Pad, Large, 9" x 21" Case of 30
Formaldehyde Control, Fan Pad, Mini, 11" x 10-3/4", 55 Sheets/Roll, 6 Rolls/Case Case of 330
Formaldehyde Control, Fan Pad, Small, 6" x 14" Case of 48
Formaldehyde Control, Fan Pad-GL Ultra, 8 x 11" Case of 100
Formaldehyde Control, Fad Pad-GL Ultra, 11 x 15" Case of 100
Total Cost: $0
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