Labeling Tape for Your Laboratory

How to select the best labeling tape for your laboratory.

Choosing the best labeling tape solution for your laboratory is important. When making a selection there are several factors to consider to ensure that the labeling tape meets all your application requirements.

Below are some of the things to think about when selecting a laboratory tape.

Dimensions of the Lab Tape

Most lab professionals use labeling tape for several different applications. Not all applications can be met with one size of lab tape.  For example, you may be labeling metal racks, containers, test tubes, cases and much more. Certain applications may require a larger width while others need a smaller width. To ensure all applications can be met with the best solution Globe Scientific offers lab tape in widths of ½”, ¾”, and 1” (1 ½”, and 2” widths available for special order).

Durability of the Lab Tape

The durability of the labeling tape used in a laboratory is important. Globe Scientific lab tape is resistant to oil, acid, and water. Our tapes can withstand temperatures from -23º C to +121ºC (-10º F to +250ºF), making them very versatile in your laboratory. Lastly, our lab tapes can be written on with pen, pencil, or permanent marker and will not smear.

Color-Coding Lab Tape

Color-coding is a common practice in the laboratory for efficient communication between staff and a universal understanding of what is being stated. Globe Scientific offers labeling tape in 26 different colors to support current color-coding practices or to add new ones within the lab.

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Labeling Tape Dispensing

Once you have chosen labeling tape with the desired dimensions, durability, and color, the next step is to choose a system for dispensing it. Globe Scientific provides tape dispensers in multiple designs that can accommodate one or multiple rolls of tape at once.

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Globe Scientific laboratory labeling tape is designed for the wear and tear of any laboratory. From labeling test tubes to laboratory wraps, this lab tape will stick to most surfaces including glass, plastic, and metal.  When finished, the tape removes cleanly and easily.  Globe Scientific color-coding tape is a laboratory essential!

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