Pipettor Racks

Keep your single channel pipettors clean and organized! Racks are available to accommodate our Diamond, Diamond Pro and Diamond Advance pipettors.

The 4 and 6-place racks are produced from Acrylic and are designed for use specifically with the Diamond and Diamond Pro pipettors. 

The 6-place carousel rack spins and is designed for use with our Diamond Advance pipettes. 

Ordering Information
Item NumberImageDescription UnitQuantity Unit Price
Pipette Stand, 4-Place, for Diamond Pipettes, Acrylic Each
Pipette Stand, 6-Place, for Diamond Pipettes, Acrylic Each
Pipette Carousel Stand, 6-Place, for Diamond Advance Pipettes Each
Pipette Carousel Stand, 6-Place, for DiamondAPEX Pipettes EACH
Total Cost: $0
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