Filter Pipette Tips vs. Non Filter Pipette Tips: What You Need to Know

Globe Scientific Filter Pipette TipsGlobe Scientific Filter Pipette Tips

Filter Pipette Tips Vs. Non Filter Pipette Tips: What You Need to Know.

You already know a lot about the negative traits of the SARS-CoV-2 virus: It is evasive, it is infectious, and it can be arbitrarily ruthless. At Globe Scientific, we would like to add another trait to this unsavory enemy: It is greedy. Did you know reports show that every COVID-19 test requires the use of four pipette tips? The resulting increased demand for filter pipette tips has completely upended the global supply chain during the pandemic, and order times have increased drastically. Pipette tips have been on the Food and Drug Administration’s Medical Device Shortage List for seven months now—listed even before additional events like blackouts and fires disrupted plastics manufacturing.

Fortunately, at Globe Scientific, we are prepared to address the challenges you face resulting from the pipette tip shortage with our viable and effective alternative. Did you know you can use sterile filter pipette tips in place of non-filter tips? Read on to learn more about filling your non-filter tip needs with sterile filter tips.

The Benefits of Sterile Filter Pipette Tips

Our line of sterile filter pipette tips boasts several benefits when compared to non-filter pipette tips. They feature a universal fit design that is compatible with most pipettors. Designed for accuracy, they can be used regardless of whether you are in a research or clinical lab setting. In the COVID-19 era, they are especially useful because they are designed with aerosol protection, keeping pipettes safe from cross-contamination. Best of all, at Globe Scientific, our sterile pipette tips are plentiful, so we can help you fill the gaps in your lab inventory caused by the overwhelming pipette tip shortage.

The Best Alternative to Non-Filter Tips

At this point in time, filter pipette tips are the only pipette tips being manufactured. Labs across the world in dire need of non-filter pipette tips may feel that they have only three choices in the face of this shortage; allow them to run out, ration them, or MacGyver new ways to reuse the tips. Some desperate researchers and clinicians have reportedly even turned to washing out pipette tips to reuse them!

At Globe Scientific, we can offer a better solution than suffering without pipette tips or performing risky maneuvers to recycle old ones. You can use our sterile filter pipette tips in place of non-filter tips. If you are currently using non-filter tips in your processes, there is no reason NOT to switch to filter tips when available. Yes, you can expect to pay a little more, but it is a small price to pay vs. the alternatives.

To learn more about using our sterile filter pipette tips in place of non-filter tips OR to request samples, contact us today.

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