Syringe Filter Advantages

Syringe Filter Advantages

The equipment used in your laboratory setting is fundamental to achieving the high-quality and consistent results that you expect and deserve. In regard to purifying samples, particularly before placing them in chromatography instruments, syringe filters have several advantages.

At Globe Scientific, we are devoted to serving laboratory professionals and helping them achieve optimal results. Our new line of Diamond® PureFlow™ Syringe Filters supports our central mission of scientific excellence.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of using syringe filters in your laboratory setting.

Accurate and reliable separations technology

Syringe filters can help you ensure that your laboratory processes are as specific and controlled as possible. They are designed to be easy to use, and they allow you to separate small amounts of contaminant particles or microorganisms from a liquid sample.

Better sample preparation

When using a syringe filter, you can be rest assured that samples are adequately prepare for chromatography. A solution that is not filtered properly can reduce the quality and reliability of your experimental results. If your samples are not filtered properly, particles and other contaminants can also cause wear and tear on your chromatography columns, potentially accumulating and forming blockages. Using a syringe filter can protect your samples and keep your instruments in working order. They will reduce unpredictable downtime from instrument failures and even extend the life of your chromatography columns.

Easy customization

Your laboratory sample materials are not one-size-fits-all, so your syringe filters shouldn’t be, either. A syringe filter’s membrane is the key to separating particles from your solution. Different membrane types are appropriate for different solvents, benzyl alcohol, for example, is compatible with PVDF syringe filters but incompatible with GMF syringe filters.

In addition to membrane-solvent compatibility, you can select your syringe filters based on the specific characteristics of your sample, including:

  • Sample volume
  • Particulate size and load
  • Sample type and technique

While they are available in different varieties, syringe filters all have highly compatible locking mechanisms. They are also color-coded to help distinguish them in a busy lab setting and used to prevent lab errors.

Stress-free use

Many syringe filters are for single use only, which can simplify your laboratory cleaning processes. Once you are done preparing your sample or otherwise filtering your solution, you can discard your syringe filter and confidently continue with your process. Reusable syringe filters can be autoclaved to ensure full sterilization.

Globe Scientific’s commitment to laboratory consistency

At Globe Scientific, we are committed to the scientific process and helping laboratory professionals follow proper scientific protocol. Ensuring that samples remain contaminant-free is just one part of this mission.

To learn more about our new line of syringe filters, and how you can successfully incorporate them into your laboratory processes, contact us today.


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