T & L Shaped Spreaders

Globe Scientific's disposable spreaders offer an economical and convenient way for spreading samples on agar surfaces and filters in Petri dishes. The foot of the spreaders feature a smooth rounded surface to facilitate even spreading of liquid samples across the surface of agar plates without gouging or cutting the medium. The spreaders are supplied sterile so there is no need to flame sterilize or autoclave.

  • Durable, non-breakable polystyrene (PS) spreaders pose no safety hazard like glass spreaders
  • L-shaped for convenient "lazy" spreading; just turn the Petri dish for smooth, even sample distribution
  • T-Shape ensures that consistently even pressure can be applied across the entire span of the spreading surface. Designed for spreading and dispersing liquids across the surface of agar culture plates
  • Smooth spreading surface and leg angle reduce the chance of gouging the agar
  • Individually packaged in presterilized pouches
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Spreader, L-Shaped, STERILE, Individually Wrapped, PS Case of 100
Spreader, T-Shaped, STERILE, Individually Wrapped, PS Case of 100
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